YoMIND helps everyone
connect with their bodies and harness their minds
so they can rise above the stress of their lives and thrive.

YoMIND emphasizes the practice of mindful movement and focused breathing practices
at short intervals throughout the day to strengthen the ability to direct focus, manage stress and regulate emotions.  

YoMIND encourages everyone to embrace “kindness as a superpower”.   We scientifically show how being kind
can help optimize brain function.  We teach compassion for self and for others, both on and off the yoga mat. 

YoMIND classes emphasize that each of us has the ability to train our own minds, consciously direct our focus, and shift our perceptions
so that we can interact with and respond to the world in a favorable way---one that is in alignment with our own personal values.

YoMIND seeks to add value to communities through teaching on site yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience classes in schools, to athletic teams and to our community's first responders.  We also are making our teachings available and accessible to all with free audios and videos. Check out our resource portal, scroll down to see the YoMIND/JusTme collaborative video series and keep on reading to see how you can make a difference for YoMIND!   

NEW 'YoMIND is KIND' Playshops 

'YoMIND is KIND' Playshops with Libby are here!  In these workshops, geared for grades K-5, students are introduced to yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience in a playful and engaging way.  The take away is that "KINDNESS IS A SUPERPOWER" and yoga is a way to access that superpower!   For more information about the 'YoMIND is KIND' Playshops and bringing Libby to your school, contact us HERE

Testimonials and more photos of 'YoMIND is KIND' Playshops coming soon!

Contribute to YoMIND!

YoMIND is dedicated to bringing high quality audio and video resources to communities.  The Ashland Schools Foundation acts as our fiscal sponsor for these efforts.  To make a tax deductible contribution, go to Ashland Schools Foundation website and be sure to write in the comments that you would like your contribution to go towards "YoMIND Video Production".  Thank you in advance for your support and for checking out our website.  

JUstme Videos!

We are happy to share our video collaboration with JusTme,  hip hop artist & mindfulness/yoga instructor.  

Last summer the YoMIND team headed to the Las Vegas desert to film a music video for JusTme's new single, "I'm Inspired".  

We also filmed a series of 7 short mindfulness exercises for all ages that can be used in the classroom or at home.   

And the best news is...these videos are FREE for everyone!  We encourage you to share the videos on social media and use them whenever you need a moment to relax yo'mind.  If you are a teacher or school administrator, please consider using them in the classroom to give you and your students a short 'brain break' during the day (research here on why this works!).  If you would like JusTme to visit your school or have him provide a virtual "Classroom Kick-it",  go to JusTmindfulness.com to learn more. 

Watch More Videos  |   Learn More About the Project  |  See Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Music Video for "I'm Inspired", the new single from JusTme -- hip hop artist & mindfulness/yoga instructor.   

The first in a series of 7 short mindfulness exercises led by JusTme, with K-6 students in mind. 

Behind the Scenes with JusTme and YoMIND when they visited Roger Bryan Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada and filmed JusTme's music video, "I'm Inspired".

Watch More Videos  |   Learn More About the Project  |  See Behind-the-Scenes Photos

New Yoga Videos

Check out the "Movement Sequences" section of our resource portal to access new yoga videos with YoMIND Instructors Libby Edson, Matthew Downard and Caitlin Dunnington and with JusTme.   We will be adding more videos over the next few weeks for all levels of practitioners.

 Check out our new yoga videos HERE! 

Inspired to Get Involved? Here's how:

1. Watch the videos with your students, co-workers and friends.

2. Share the videos on social media. 

3.  Bring JusTme to your school for a live performance or a virtual "Classroom Kick it".

4. Contact Libby about an Optimize YoMIND workshop for your staff, a YoMIND Athlete workshop for yo' team, or demo class for your students/staff.

4. Follow YoMIND:  FacebookInstagram |  Twitter  

5. If you are a teacher, play the videos in your classroom.

6. Make a tax deductible donation through the Ashland Schools Foundation to help us to create more resources!  Be sure to write "YoMIND Video Production" in the comments.

6. Email Us about more ways to collaborate!  

7. Most importantly, remember kindness is a superpower, choose love always, and take care of yo'mind!  

YoMIND for our First responders

YoMIND is encouraging communities to provide YoMIND classes for their first responders.    It would be hard to argue that the mental and physical health of our first responders (police, firemen, EMTs, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc) is not a number one priority for or every community.   YoMIND is encouraging schools, city, state, and national governmental agencies to consider investing in YoMIND and the well being of their employees.     Check out these photos from our YoMIND/Ashland Police Department Pilot Program. If you would like to bring YoMIND to your local heroes, contact us HERE for on site classes, or consider donating to the YoMIND Video Production Fund through the Ashland Schools Foundation. Be sure to write "YoMIND Video Production" in the comments so the funds will be directed our way.  

YoMIND Workshops

Optimize YoMIND and YoMIND Athlete Workshops with Libby Edson

Description:  Optimize YoMIND and YoMIND Athlete workshops are experiential and informative weekend workshops focusing on "embodied cognition", where participants learn by doing.   Workshops include yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience education and mindful communication techniques in a fun and empowering weekend.   The workshops can be scaled and adjusted for any age group, all levels of practitioners and to fit the needs of the participants.  These workshops are ideal for athletic teams, educators, businesses, first responders or any other group wanting to optimize the wellness for their members.  For more information contact Libby HERE

Testimonials and photos coming soon!