Libby Edson, YoMIND Founder/Director

Libby Edson, founder of YoMIND, is a passionate student of life and a dedicated community organizer.  She has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over 30 years and has been teaching yoga in the schools since she first began practicing in 1993.  She is experienced teaching students and athletes of all ages (Pre-K through higher education) and offers workshops for schools and businesses.  Contact Libby HERE to bring YoMIND classes/workshops to your school or business. 

While Libby has volunteered in the schools teaching yoga for the last 24 years, She founded YoMIND in 2012 and continues to dedicated her energy to assisting others in optimizing their physical and mental well being and encourages communities to look to yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience education to ensure the sustainability of our school systems.  

"YoMIND will not solve every problem… however, it can make you the best version of your self.  YoMIND encourages movement, mindfulness practice, and awareness.   We provide tools for developing focus, regulating emotions and developing a healthy relationship with our lives.  When we practice yoga, and understand the influences on the mind, we are more likely to make skillful choices and live in a more optimal state.  This will translate as having more favorable interactions with each other and influencing us to make more favorable decisions that are more in alignment with our core values.

 Through her teachings with YoMIND, Libby emphasizes "yoga as a superfood" and  "kindness as a superpower".  "The practice of yoga is like a superfood for the brain and body.  What we practice we become."  Through extending kindness and empathy to ourselves and others, we optimize the mind’s ability to navigate and interact with the world.  Kelly McGonical, the author of The Upside of Stress says kindness makes us "smart, social and brave".    Bringing neuroscience education to students, while their brains are still in development will provide them with a good foundation for navigating life's triumphs and challenges.   Additionally, developing compassion for ourselves and others, gives us tools to have better relationships as well as gives us personal agency over our thoughts.  Both of these things, functional, healthy relationships and a sense of autonomy over our lives will lead to a mindset with unlimited potential.  

"I am here to serve.  I am committed.  I am inspired.  Let's grow the good.....first by taking a look at yo' own mind.....and, if you are moved, contribute to YoMIND, the movement--either with yo' time or yo' money.  Scroll down to see our community contributors and collaborators......we are stronger together!!"

If you would like Libby, or another YoMIND educator, to speak at your school or business or offer classes, please contact us.  Learn more about Libby.

YoMIND Teachers and Collaborators

YoMIND collaborators are community members whose contributions have been invaluable to the development of YoMIND.  Collaborators include film makers, yoga and mindfulness instructors, donors and other community members who see the value of providing social and emotional learning in schools using YoMIND's scientific approach in teaching yoga, mindfulness, communication and self inquiry skills.

YoMIND stands with the WeChooseLove Foundation of Ashland Oregon.  Click  HERE  for info

YoMIND stands with the WeChooseLove Foundation of Ashland Oregon.  Click HERE for info

YoMIND Donors and Volunteers 

Community support and volunteers volunteer yoga teachers are at the heart of YoMIND's ability to provide yoga classes in schools and produce audio and video resources.  Donors are essential to the sustainability of YoMIND.  While most of our efforts have been volunteer to date, the continued sustainability of our efforts will be dependent on generous donors and volunteers.  These people listed below have made contributions to the program and we are so grateful.    Please accept our heartfelt gratitude to you all those listed below.  If you would like to join us, with financial or in kind donations, please check out our pages that allow you to give yo' time or yo' money.   YoMND is a not for profit, community project that is sponsored by the Ashland Schools Foundation.  You can make tax- deductible contributions to the Ashland Schools Foundation here and note in the comments section that the money be directed to go YoMIND.


YoMIND past contributors

Alec Terrana

Beth Nolan

Ron and Katharine Lang

Paul Nash

Wendy Ashley, Inesscents Botanicals

Melissa Cooley, Om Sweet Om Yoga

Adam Eggersten Crossfit Potential

Vrnda Heyden Layton

Laura Roll , Kashaya by Laura