September, 2013: After school classes offered at Ashland High School (AHS) once a week

February, 2014: Yoga offered on an occasional basis within the AHS Physical Education program

May, 2014: AHS offers students a new option for PE: Lifetime Fitness and Wellness, partnered with yoga

August, 2014:  Libby and her son, James, convert 2 classrooms into a space designated exclusively for yoga and mindfulness and the "Ashland High School Yoga and Wellness Center" is created

2014-15 Academic Year: YoMIND reaches 600+ students

          AHS Lifetime Fitness and Wellness classes (350)
          AHS football and cross country teams (30)
          Phoenix High School weekly class (70)
          St. Mary's week-long workshop (30)
          Ashland Middle School week-long workshop for 6th graders (180)

Summer 2015: YoMIND is officially born

          Website, logo, and trademark developed
          YoMIND Ambassadors program launched at AHS Fresh Start freshman retreat

October 27, 2015: Creation of YoMIND Film Alliance and first video shoot with Todd Wilson.

2015-16 Academic Year : YoMIND has reached 1400+ students

AHS Lifetime Fitness and Wellness classes (500) Libby
AHS Catalyst and Thoreau weekly (80) Alec and Beth
Phoenix High School weekly classes (70+) Libby
Talent Middle School weekly class (70)Alec and Beth

Ashland Middle School weekly classes (50)

Central High School (30) 

Bellview Elementary School Playshops (300+)

Walker Elementary School Playshops (300+)

Helman Elementary School Playshops (300+)


December 16, 2016: YoMIND Minutes introduced for the classroom at a school-wide assembly

December 19: YoMIND Ambassadors participate in "Shine a Light" community fundraiser

January 2016:  YoMIND "Mindful Mondays" introduced at Bellview Elementary School, Ashland

January 2016:  AHS Baseball team beginning weekly yoga sessions

January 19, 2016:  AHS Community Practice (Parents, students, staff) Taught by Libby with live music by Wesley Parker

March 1, 2016: Classes begin at Central High School

April 2016  "AHS Film in Ashland Independent Film Festival...Directed by Libby Produced/filmed/scored by Todd Wilson. 

May 2016 Weeklong YoMIND workshop at St. Mary's High school taught by Libby

Spring 2016:  YoMIND Play shops at Bellview Elementary, Walker Elementary and Helman Elementary schools led by AHS YoMIND Ambassadors (supervised by Libby) 

August 2016:  AHS Football team includes yoga in their pre season conditioning

September 14,2016 Ashland High School Cross Country begins weekly yoga classes with Laura Roll

September 21, 2016:  YoMIND participates in International Day of Peace activities with AHS YoMIND Ambassadors leading play shops for Willow Wind students.

September 21, 2016:  YoMIND classes with Libby begin at Ashland High School in the Physical Education and Health classes.  During the 2016-2017 School year, Libby offers yoga to over 250 students per week.

September 2016: AHS YoMIND Ambassadors club teaches playshops for Willow Wind and Siskyou School.

October 1, 2016:  YoMIND classes with Beth start for Catalyst and Thoreau classes at AHS.

October 2016:  Libby introduces YoMIND at South High School to students/staff.

Ashland High School baseball team begins yoga classes with Laura Roll that continued through the end of their 2017 season.

December 2016: Libby begins weekly YoMIND sessions to replace Detention at AHS, changing the phrase "getting detention" as a punishment to "getting a break" and giving students an opportunity to reset and rest so they can make better decisions.

January 2017 Libby works with AHS Basketball Team                                              

January 2017 Libby began offering monthly YoMIND Class to teachers district wide.  

February 2017 Libby offers bi-monthy classes for AHS teachers through a Professional Learing Community.  

April 2017  Libby collaborates with JusTme to introduce mindfulness to Roger Bryan Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada and produces a mindfulness music video and mindfulness videos for use in the classroom.  Music video and mindfulness videos will be available for the 2017-18 school year!

May 2017  AHS Students officially open the "Wellness Center"  adjacent to the "Yoga Center" at AHS completing the original vision of rooms H-38 and H-39 in becoming the "Ashland High School Yoga and Wellness Center".

May 10, 2017  Libby offers a YoMIND intro class to North Medford High School's AVID program.

Libby Teaching at North Medford High School with students from the AVID program

Libby Teaching at North Medford High School with students from the AVID program

June 2017  Libby begins YoMIND Athlete program with SOU Women's Volleyball team.

June 2017 Libby teaches YoMIND classes at Talent Maker City, Talent, OR

June 2017 YoMIND collaborates with the WE CHOOSE LOVE MOVEMENT to expand YoMIND offerings

July 2017  Intro to YoMIND offered to the public through RASA Yoga Center.

July 2017  Libby begins classes YoMIND Athlete with SOU football team.

July 2017 YoMIND co-sponsors Fundraiser with RASA Yoga/Providence Hospital/ Medford Rogues

September 2017  YoMIND classes begin 5th year at Ashland High School

August 2017  YoMIND instructors Tara and Halli begin classes with Catalyst and Thoreau students

September -December 2017  Libby and Micah offer weekly YoMIND Classes at Amadillo Technical Institute

Fall 2017  Libby continues working with SOU Women's Volleyball team during season

Fall 2017  Libby offers weekly restorative yoga sessions to Ashland High School Football team and the 4th ranked Southern Oregon University Raider Football team.

December 2017  Caitlin Dunnington begins YoMIND classes with Ashland Police Department

January 2018  Libby offers her YoMIND Athlete workshop for Southern Oregon University's women's softball team and continues weekly classes through out the season

February 2018  Libby offers YoMIND Athlete workshop for Ashland High School Baseball team and begins weekly classes.

March 2018  YoMIND and JusTme will meet in Las Vegas to offer YoMIND and JusTmindfulness to students at Roger Bryan Elementary.

August 2018  YoMIND playshops offered at Ashland Elementary schools and Ashland Middle school

October 2018 YoMIND offers weekly YoMIND is KIND playshops at Bellview Elementary School in Ashland for the 2018-2019 school year

September-December 2018 SOU Women’s volleyball team, after 18 months of YoMIND classes, has the best season in school history, wins the Cascade Conference Championship and finishes 8th in the NAIA National Championships.

December 2018 YoMIND workshops with both the boys and girls Basketball programs at Ashland High School

As of February 2018, the JusTme Videos produced by YoMIND have been viewed over 70,00 times in over 50 countries

March 2019 Libby offers classes to Roger Bryan Elementary in Las Vegas.