Living mindfully is a continuous effort and transforming perception can be a full-time job, but YoMIND makes it easy.

We provide resources to support our students wherever they are and however they learn best. Sometimes in-class education just isn’t enough. YoMIND offers online videos and audios to make this process as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

Our videos are minimally time consuming and don’t require any background knowledge of yoga and mindfulness practices. Students can jump right into whatever interests them most, allowing them to take charge of their own education and growth.

YoMIND’s resource portal offers a wide variety of instructional videos on yoga sequences and breathing techniques, as well as informational modules that provide supplemental education on neuroscience, anatomy, and clinical psychology. We also curate the very best resources on yoga, mindfulness, and the relevant scientific research from around the Internet so you can spend less time exploring the web and more time exploring YoMIND.

Check out our resource portal HERE.