"I am yogi, a mother, a wife, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, a jewelry designer, a coach, a volunteer, and a community organizer.   I LOVE hiking and am so grateful to live in Ashland (for the last 16 years!!!) and be part of the Rogue Valley community.   In addition to my work with YoMIND, I volunteer with the Ashland Food Project as a neighborhood coordinator and work building trails with the Ashland Woods and Trails Association.  

I love to learn and am always looking for ways to improve myself and my relationships.  I am inspired by many great teachers and ideas.   I value health, quality relationships and community and actively study yoga philosophy, neuroscience, Ayurvedic medicine/cooking, nutrition, anatomy, and the use of essential oils.  

I am especially fascinated by the neuroscience of yoga and mindfulness and how through understanding these principles, we can shift our perceptions, improve relationships and facilitate the development of compassionate communities.  

My many years of practicing yoga and studies were also helpful about ten years ago when I needed to personally overcome both illness and injuries from a skiing accident which required three surgeries.  I was so grateful to have had some years of yoga "in the bank" and general awareness about nutrition as I recovered from the surgeries and doctors predicted I would live with chronic pain.  This motivated me to  dive deeper into studying the connection between disease, diet and exercise and mental/physical health.  

In particular, I found that being in service in helping others is very beneficial in managing the "chronic pain" I have lived with since the accident.   I moved through the experiences and challenges and am now healthier and happier, and have had what my doctors call "the best possible outcome". Overcoming these challenges through the use of yoga, nutrition, and mindfulness motivates my teaching and my full time effort to bring scientifically proven tools for managing physical and mental health to others through the YoMIND program."


Libby played Division 1 Volleyball at the University of Montana for three seasons and then finished her B.A. in Interpersonal Communication at the University of Washington.  She did her graduate studies in Business Administration at University of Nevada-Las Vegas.   Libby has completed several yoga teacher trainings, has both taken and led many personal development workshops and is currently adjunct faculty at Southern Oregon University.  Additionally, Libby recently completed Mindfulness FundamentalsCurriculum Training, Difficult Emotions and Mindful Communications from Mindful Schools.