Passion, sustainability and the well being of humanity fuel the efforts of YoMIND.  YoMIND, a community project, was founded by Libby Edson, whose life work has been to empower, educate and encourage others to live a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life.  YoMIND's ambition is to bring neuroscience education, yoga, mindfulness, music and effective interpersonal communication skills to students, athletes, schools, businesses and communities by creating video and audio resources and providing on site YoMIND educators whenever possible. 

Cutting edge neuroscience research is the foundation of the YoMIND curriculum.  The curriculum's intent is to provide tools and practices for optimizing brain function and regulating emotions using yoga, mindfulness, movement, music, nutrition education and kindness practices. 

Optimizing brain function, learning to regulate emotion and communicating effectively as individuals and communities is essential in our quest to find solutions for the 21st Century in our schools, in our communities and in our environment.

Spreading beyond yoga as an exclusively physical practice, YoMIND introduces students to breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, and cutting edge research in neuroscience and positive psychology that supports the practices' effectiveness both on and off the yoga mat.

To date, over 7000 students have been impacted through on site YoMIND classes and workshops and the numbers are increasing.  Our resource portal has been expanded with the recent addition of amazing new videos produced by WolfHeart Creative and featuring JusTme, a mindful hip hop artist, mindfulness teacher and inspiring person and additional movement sequences by Libby and other YoMIND instructors.  These videos have been viewed over 85,000 times and in over 50 countries. We often receive photos of an entire schools and classrooms watching them. The feedback from educators and school psychologists has been overwhelmingly positive.   The intention of the YoMIND project is to assist communities in developing a culture of kindness.  We provide training and resources to assist individuals to learn how to live intentionally,  act thoughtfully and respond with kindness and compassion. 

Learn more about the growth of YoMIND, our AHS pilot, and how to become a YoMIND school.

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