YoMIND Athlete Program 

YoMIND Athlete workshops and classes emphasize focused attention practices, breathing practices and mindful movement through yoga to help each athlete and team reach optimal levels of performance.  Practicing yoga and mindfulness provides many benefits to athletes including developing strength and flexibility.  Additionally, YoMIND workshops/classes assist athletes in cultivating a healthy relationship with the stressors associated with being a student athlete and provides tools for them to manage their lives.  The result is athletes who are able to reach peak performance during competition and in daily life.    YoMIND Athlete classes encourage self care, mindful communication and teach athletes how to bring mindfulness into all aspects of their lives. 

See the photo gallery below to see a few of the high school and college athletes who have benefitted from YoMIND Athlete classes and workshops with Libby. These include Ashland High School football, basketball and baseball teams, Tacoma Community College Men's Basketball team, Southern Oregon University (SOU)Women's Volleyball team(2018 season finished 8th in the NAIA at the National Championships in 2018), SOU Raider Football team (Ranked #4 Nationally in 2017) and the SOU Women's Softball team (Finished #3 in the NAIA in 2018 and is currently ranked #3 for the 2019 season).   Testimonials from athletes and coaches coming soon!  Contact Libby for information about our YoMIND Athlete workshops/classes.  

Interviews with Billy Hansen

Here are pre and post season interviews with Billy Hansen, one of the first athletes to complete the YoMIND Athlete program, talking about how yoga and mindfulness and working with Libby influenced his life, both on and off the court while playing for the Regis Rangers Basketball team his senior year.  Billy was and Ashland High School multi-sport athlete who went on to compete for Regis.  He discovered the yoga and mindfulness during college, worked with Libby over the summer before his senior year and went on to have a great season.  Billy continues to practice yoga and meditation, is now in graduate school, is an assistant coach for his alma matter and now teaches mindfulness to the Regis Rangers Basketball team. During the 2018 season, the Regis Rangers, finished first in their division, won their conference tournament and went to the Division II National Finals Basketball Tournament for the first time in school history.  

Bill Hansen- Pre Season Interview 2016

Billy Hansen- Post Season Interview 2017

Find yoga sequences, body scans and breathing practices to optimize yo' performance in the YoMIND resource portal.


From Coaches:

"The YoMIND workshop with Libby was invaluable to our volleyball program. Her positivity and command for relating to the young adult athlete is outstanding. She has such a passion and knowledge for what she does in the mental and physical realm that she elicits an untapped confidence and kindness within the people in her care. Here at Southern Oregon we’ve been very successful over the years. The past two seasons we’ve had a very young group, our mission this off-season has been to toughen up mentally and “fall back” on our training. Libby’s done an incredible job creating the foundation for us to “fall back” when situations get difficult in the balance of life and play! "

-Josh Rohlfing, Head Coach, Women's Volleyball, Southern Oregon University


From Players: