"Yoga is a superfood.  Kindness is a superpower."- Libby Edson

The physical practice of yoga is a "controlled stress" experience.  Being on the mat provides an opportunity for us to notice the way we interact with the yoga practice, both mentally and physically.  This practice of noticing ourselves in relationship with our body and the practice of yoga can be like eating a superfood-many benefits with one action. 
The physical practice provides the opportunity to develop physical strength, flexibility and discipline.  During the practice, we also mentally are practicing focused attention, open monitored awareness and kindness to ourselves.  Cultivating this awareness and mindfulness on the mat will then, in time, lead to a more optimal way of interacting with the world.  Ancient practices that offer this advice have now been scientifically proven to be of tremendous value.  
 Our goal here at YoMIND is to provide FREE guided practices for all levels and we will be adding videos as we make them.  Be mindful that this page is a work in progress and the videos we are offering are, in most cases, have been filmed and produced by the instructors themselves.  Please honor our intention to provide resources and forgive some of the minor technical flaws (as we are learning) until we secure funding to bring in some professional film makers!!  Enjoy and let us know how your like them!  

Yoga Practices with Libby

This video is a gentle sequence if you don't have much time. This practice does not include a body scan, so make sure you allow your self a few minutes of rest after finishing.


This body scan can be done sitting or lying down.

This practice includes doing most of the standing poses twice, some balance postures, some hip stretches and a body scan. This will have you worked out and RESTED in 60 minutes!!!


This video is 60 minutes and inlcudes slow vinyasa movemnts, core stregthening, hip openers, breathing practices and a body scan. A good overall practice to develop strength and flexibility. (A strap or belt would be helpful for this sequence)


This gentle sequence is ideal for beginners or for  practitioners that want some gentle movement and a body scan. Great for after school for teachers/students/parents.  This is also a great warm up or cool down for competitive athletes.


This "Standing Doubles" practice includes doing some standing poses twice, some balance postures, a few salutations (with postures thrown in), some seated stretches and a body scan. This will develop strength and flexibility in the body and mind.

Yoga Sequences with Matthew and Caitlin


This video is a short, easy to do practice to maintain shoulder health.  Great for athletes or anyone wanting to improve and maintain shoulder flexibility. 


This yoga practice is meant to serve the beginner or stiffer student. In 30 minutes, you will go through a yoga practice for the beginner student that includes it all. Sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, back bends, and a twist. This should be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and a bit calmer.

GET SWEATY 30 Mins (Led by Caitlin)

This 30 minute, vinyasa style yoga practice is designed to get you moving and make you sweat. It's perfect for when you're short on time or can't make it into the studio, but still want a strong, all-around flow practice.

GET SWEATY 30 MINS (Led by Matthew)

This 30 minute yoga practice is designed to get you moving and sweating. If you are looking for a no BS strong work from start to finish style of class, this is it. Class goes like this sun salutations, standing poses, sun salutations with standing poses, core work, arm balances, then thread everything together for a flow that includes sun salutations, standing poses, and arm balances.