We provide individuals and communities with easily accessible tools to understand and dynamically manage their own health. 

Through breath-initiated yoga movements, mindfulness of our experiences, and education on the science of how these practices effect us, we believe that everyone can develop a more positive relationship with their own body and mind.

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Through steady movement, deep breathing, and pointed attention, we cultivate students' curiosity and understanding of their body, minds, and their connection.

We don't teach students how to use their bodies to get into the yoga poses, but how to use the poses to get into their bodies.

Moving with calm alertness, we can all discover the tools for taking control of our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

Along the way, we naturally strengthen and lengthen our muscles, reduce physical and emotional stress, and learn just how strong we all truly are.

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Mindfulness teaches us how to fully experience what's happening in the present moment without judgment.

By learning to recognize and accept their habitual ways of thinking and feeling, students can begin to respond to those patterns thoughtfully, rather than merely reacting. This greater self-understanding not only reduces anxiety and depression, but improves focus, working memory, and even physical well-being.

Taking their calm alertness off the mats, students can access the tremendous power of their minds at school, at home, and in the world beyond.

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The neurological and physiological benefits of mindful yoga practice are both real and empirically demonstrable.

Our brains adapt and specialize according to how we use them and no period is more important in this process than adolescence.

Instilling positive habits through mindfulness can produce powerful changes in the brain and nervous system.

YoMIND's techniques literally allow our students to tap into their bodies' command center, enabling them to take charge of their own growth and development.

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