Education is the heart of YoMIND.

We want adolescents to understand their health and how to manage it. YoMIND supports our students' experiential education through yoga and mindfulness with instruction in neuroscience and positive psychology. This dual-pronged approach equips equips our students with the tools to change how they perceive themselves and the world.

Research and the personal experience of any parent, teacher, or coach has shown that adolescence is a crucial period in brain development, directly tying these years to both the physical and mental health of our youths. Through education about yoga, mindfulness, and the neuroscience that supports these practices, YoMIND provides adolescents with the knowledge and tools to best navigate these years.

YoMIND education is targeted towards teaching adolescents how to exercise control over how and what they think. We aspire not only to create better students, but happier and more whole people.

Our Lifetime Fitness and Wellness curriculum familiarizes students with their bodies, minds, and nervous systems through engaging practices with experientially noticeable effects. We also provide a scientific framework for making sense of these experiences, making science education engaging and providing students with a greater sense of ownership of their practice. All of our teachers are trained in our non-sectarian perspective of yoga and are capable of offering YoMIND to students from a wide variety of backgrounds and degrees of academic achievement.

Our Mindful Minutes are integrated throughout the school day to remind students to return to our simple sequence to Breathe. Perceive. Respond. With familiarity and regularity, this practice has been shown to improve attention regulation and offer students a healthier perspective on their experiences. Learn more about the cutting-edge research supporting yoga and mindfulness practices HERE.