Optimize YoMIND for Peak Performance

Optimize YoMIND Athlete workshops and classes emphasize focused attention practices, breathing practices and mindful movement through yoga.  This enables athletes to cultivate a healthy relationship with the stressors associated with being a student athlete so they can perform at their highest level.    Additionally, YoMIND Athlete classes encourage self care, mindful communication and teach athletes how to bring mindfulness into all aspects of their lives.  

Having a regular yoga practice has been shown to produce significant performance gains for athletes of all calibers, from the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks to perennial all-star Lebron James. Yoga not only strengthens and lengthens muscles to improve functional flexibility, but also improves awareness of one’s position in space, corrects postural imbalances, and has proven instrumental to injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Check out these pre and post season interviews of Billy Hansen (Ashland High School Class of 2012, Regis University Class of 2016) talking about the benefits of YoMIND and how practicing yoga and mindfulness contributed to his success on and off the court his senior year. 

Bill Hansen- Pre Season Interview

Billy Hansen- Post Season Interview

Try some of the following body scans/meditations below or use our sport-specific yoga sequences in our resource portal.