Matthew Downard Yoga

YoMIND is happy to welcome Matthew Downard to our community effort to bring yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience education to our community.  Matthew is a passionately driven teacher. His accessible, energetic classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical alignment, and focused attention practices.  His mindful, yet enthusiastic approach to hatha yoga will educate, empower, and challenge both your body and mind.   Matthew has taught in a variety of different environments.   His clear and focused instruction will bring maximum impact with minimal effort.   Matthew is a perfect fit for YoMIND's scientific and practical approach to yoga.  

Matthew has graciously allowed us to embed his You Tube videos on our website.  Scroll down to see the offerings.   Additionally, Matthew serves as an anatomy consultant for the YoMIND Athlete program and will begin teaching in schools in 2018.  He also teaches classes at RASA Yoga Center and offers private and small group instruction.  You may contact Matthew HERE.

STABILIZE AND STREGTHEN THE HIPS (30 minute)  This practice is meant to be an informative practice that brings more awareness into how to create stability, and strength in and around the hips.


The title says it all, a complete vinyasa practice in 15 minutes, without the sun salutations. You will perform standing poses, inverted poses, back bends, twists, and forward extensions, all with a consistent rhythm and pacing. For more resources go to: I use a timer in this practice to keep the pacing consistent.

This yoga practice is meant to serve the beginner or stiffer student. In 30 minutes, you will go through a yoga practice for the beginner student that includes it all. Sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, back bends, and a twist. This should be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and a bit calmer.


This 30 minute yoga practice is designed to get you moving and sweating. If you are looking for a no BS strong work from start to finish style of class, this is it. Class goes like this sun salutations, standing poses, sun salutations with standing poses, core work, arm balances, then thread everything together for a flow that includes sun salutations, standing poses, and arm balances.


Matthew Downard

"My goal is for you to feel as if the work you have done makes a noticeable difference on and off your mat. Whatever your aim is as a practitioner, we can use the tools the yoga practice has to offer, to feel more balanced, accept without judgement, and see ourselves as we are."